LOS ANGELES-- (BUSINESS WIRE) --Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, has reached a new milestone with its Songdex® Claiming System, which has now surpassed one million tracks claimed by music publishers.

Music Reports has a central role in the music rights ecosystem, processing upwards of 250,000 new sound recording metadata rows per day. Many of these are duplicative, but the total number of distinct new recordings is approaching one million per month and growing. Many of these represent recordings of songs that have never been registered anywhere by their owners, cover recordings of which publishers are unaware, or recordings that suffer from metadata anomalies which prevent them from matching to their corresponding song data.

Launched in 2016, the Songdex® Claiming System provides a free method for publishers to review data about unmatched tracks, find titles that have not yet matched, and tie them to the publisher's own song data. The system likewise allows publishers to ensure that all of their existing publishing data is up-to-date, and register new works quickly and easily - all free of charge. With the number of new tracks being commercially released through digital distributors, audio/visual libraries, and UGC platforms approaching one million per month, the system rectifies one of the biggest issues in the modern music publishing business by providing the first platform for comprehensive, intuitive matching and claiming.

Additional benefits for publishers include the ability to collect outstanding royalties (commission free) that may be due on shares of songs licensed through co-publishers or the Copyright Office; find new, non-statutory licensing opportunities offered through the platform; and obtain sound recording metadata, often discovering new cover recordings of their catalog.

"We knew when launching the Songdex® Claiming System that publishers would gradually realize how valuable a tool it is, and with more than one million tracks claimed, it's safe to say people are catching on," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "And while we're excited that so many publishers have now experienced the unprecedented transparency and access the system provides, we're even more excited to see that publisher engagement with the system has been accelerating over the past three quarters."

Publishers looking to access the Songdex Claiming System can do so through their free Music Reports web account, where they can also view royalty statements and consider various licensing opportunities.


Data Highlights Increasing Complexity of Music Rights Administration

Los Angeles, CA (August 4, 2017): It's not your imagination: there has been an explosion in the number of songwriters and music publishers contributing to individual hit songs, making music licensing and rights administration increasingly challenging. Using data from its Songdex® catalog registry, Music Reports dug into Billboard's annual Top 10 hits from 1960 to the present and found that there is an average of four writers and six publishers associated with top-ranked songs in the 2010s - more than twice the number of writers and three times the number of publishers in the 1960s.

From the LP era of the 1960s through the 1980s, the numbers climb but not dramatically, with an average of approximately two writers and two publishers per song. The real spike begins in the 1990s, and happens to coincide with the emergence of digital music formats (MP3s, the launch of Napster in 1999), resulting in a market need for registration, licensing and reporting systems that could support not only the increased complexity in music rights ownership, but also the exponential consumption of digital music.

"Looking at the Songdex data, what's particularly interesting is that the increase in the average number of publishers per song is even greater than that of the number of writers," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "This analysis underscores why music licensing, administration and royalty accounting is such a specialized area, and if a company can't maintain a refined, reliable database like Songdex® - for all music, whatever the era - they run a real risk of missing critical rights information."

Beyond having and maintaining accurate song data, the success of any music rights administration platform also depends on the reporting and payment systems that rely on that data. "Music Reports has created a system that is easy to use, with reporting details that are clear and correct," said Anne Sete of publisher Graceful Samba Music. "As someone who has created, tested and used a lot of music rights software, I very much appreciate the quality of Music Reports' Songdex® registry and reporting platform."

Summary of the Songdex® analysis:

Average number of writers and publishers in each decade, based on Billboard's Top 10 hits of each year:

  • 1960s - 1.87 writers, 1.68 publishers
  • 1970s - 1.95 writers, 2.04 publishers
  • 1980s - 1.95 writers, 2.06 publishers
  • 1990s - 3.13 writers, 3.49 publishers
  • 2000s - 3.50 writers, 4.96 publishers
  • 2010s - 4.07 writers, 6.00 publishers

Songdex® is the largest database of music rights and related business information in the world, containing detailed, relational data on tens of millions of songs, recordings, and their owners, covering virtually all of the commercially significant music in existence.

About Music Reports


Los Angeles, CA (March 6, 2017): Music Reports, Inc., the world's most advanced rights administration platform, has been approved by both Sirius XM Radio Inc. and Class Counsel to serve as the royalty administrator for a ten-year license related to the use of the Flo & Eddie recording catalog and other pre-1972 sound recordings on the music service for the period 2018-2027. Music Reports will also provide technical, consulting, and copyright research support in connection with the vetting of retroactive claims, pending a Final Approval Hearing on May 8, 2017.

"We're very pleased to have been chosen by both the class action counsel and Sirius XM to provide the technology and systems needed to support this settlement," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "As a neutral transaction platform, Music Reports is ideally suited to the support of music industry settlements generally, and our seventeen years of experience with sound recording performance rights administration in the U.S. has well prepared us for this job specifically."

This news comes on the heels of Music Reports' announcement that the company administered over $500 million in royalty payments for uses via a range of services including television broadcast and over-the-top (OTT), background/foreground, digital music services and social networking applications in 2016. They also processed more than 600 billion performances of audio and audiovisual content and administered over 250 million licenses, encompassing mechanical, public performance, and synchronization rights.

For more information about the Flo & Eddie vs. Sirius XM Class Action Settlement, go to


Also Introduced New Suite of Online Tools for Music Publishers; New Licensing Options for Digital Services

Los Angeles, CA (February 16, 2017): Music Reports, Inc., the world's most advanced rights administration platform, announced today its royalty, licensing, and data processing results for 2016. The company administered over $500 million in royalty payments for uses via a range of services including television broadcast and over-the-top (OTT), background/foreground, digital music services and social networking applications. Throughout the year, Music Reports processed more than 600 billion performances of audio and audiovisual content and administered over 250 million licenses, encompassing mechanical, public performance, and synchronization rights.

Music Reports rolled out a suite of new online tools for its Publisher Web Portal in 2016. While making it easier for music publishers to obtain a free account and register their catalogs in its Songdex® database, the company added a Dashboard feature so that publishers can more easily access their own song catalog, as well as full archives of their licensing, royalty reporting, and payment histories. The Dashboard landing page also features handy graphical analytics, showing, for example, publishers' relative performance across on-demand streaming services.

Music Reports then debuted its revolutionary Claiming System at SXSW, destroying the concept of the mechanicals 'black box'. Publishers can now claim unmatched tracks which may embody their compositions, but suffer from missing or faulty data, as well as find new releases and cover recordings of their works as soon as they are released. Once such claims are vetted, all information about the claimed recordings is then made available to the claiming publisher as a free download, any unreported back royalties are liquidated in the next quarterly accounting, and all subsequent uses of the recordings across any licensee on Music Reports' platform will be reliably matched and promptly paid thereafter. This system was developed in anticipation of the Copyright Office's announcement in the spring of 2016 that it would begin to accept electronic filing of statutory mechanical licenses in high volume. This combination of elements uniquely enables Music Reports to license millions of new recordings for distribution day and date with labels' global release schedule, all while maintaining its policy to pay publishers 100% of royalties due from the date of release, even where the required data may not yet be available, and the law may not require it.

Finally, by mid-year, Music Reports launched the License Offers feature of the Publisher Portal, providing a neutral platform for rights owners and licensees to come together and transact directly in a free marketplace. The License Offers platform was launched in June with Pandora featuring its new interactive service tiers, later joined by Amazon which used the platform to enter into direct agreements with publishers for its Music Unlimited service. Music Reports will soon be featuring new license opportunities for publishers involving both mechanical and synchronization rights from other prominent music services.

"Last year, we listened carefully to rights owners' concerns to develop more and better licensing and administration features than ever before, and it was incredibly rewarding. We directed over half a billion dollars in royalty payments, and with the accelerating consumer adoption of on-demand streaming, OTT services, and social apps, we expect even greater numbers in 2017," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "We are able to offer and administer all kinds of license agreements for any rights type on behalf of our clients, built on the strength of Songdex®, the largest database of music rights and related business information in the world. It's an extraordinary time to be in the music administration business."


Revolutionary System Has Real Momentum, With 25,000+ Claims And 50+ New Publishers Registered Each Week

Los Angeles, CA (September 12, 2016): Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, is marking several new milestones signifying the success of its new online Claiming System, which allows publishers to claim and license recordings that embody their songs:

  • More than 500,000 tracks have been claimed since Music Reports launched the Claiming System this spring;
  • Over 1,000 publishers have used the system;
  • With an average of 50 new publishers logging in each week;
  • Claiming an average of 25,000 tracks per week

As a huge and growing number of new recordings are delivered to streaming music services each month, Music Reports is addressing one of the biggest challenges in the music publishing industry by providing the market its first platform for comprehensive, intuitive song matching and licensing. The Claiming System, which publishers can access through their free Music Reports web account (where they may also retrieve royalty statements and consider unique licensing opportunities) empowers publishers to ensure that all of their existing publishing data is up to date and to register new works as they are published.

"We said when we launched new Claiming System this spring that it would be a real game-changer, and these numbers prove it," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "Given the unprecedented level of access and transparency our system provides, we are not surprised that so many publishers have logged in and claimed so many tracks, and we're looking forward to continuing publisher engagement."

To login or create a free account with Music Reports and access the Claiming System, please click the links above.


New "NOI" Process Empowers Streaming Music Services to Secure Timely Song Clearances at Scale

Los Angeles, CA (June 23, 2016): Music Reports Inc., the world's most advanced rights administration platform, is the first company to offer electronic filing of mechanical licenses for on-demand streaming with the United States Copyright Office, automating the "Notice of Intent" (NOI) process and enabling hundreds of thousands of new releases to be instantly licensed for distribution. This service is now available to any on-demand music provider that needs clearances to operate in America.

Music Reports has often worked with the Copyright Office to address regulatory and practical challenges in invoking the statutory mechanical license and accounting pursuant to its terms. Until now, there has been no practical NOI process to handle the hundreds of thousands of recordings that become available each month for distribution on digital music services. Under section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act, notice must be given to the composition owner of the licensee's intention to distribute the work, and if the owner is not registered with the Copyright Office, the notice can be filed with the Copyright Office itself. It is not uncommon for copyright owners, even popular artists, to register their compositions well after recordings of them have been commercially released. This creates a potential liability for online music services seeking to expose new music to the public. Music Reports' new NOI service alleviates this risk for the music services. Royalties for these tracks are accrued until ownership is determined, and publishers can register their catalogs and claim unmatched tracks through Music Reports' free, publisher-facing web portal.

"We are very pleased to now offer this commercial-scale solution to the problem of mechanical license clearance in the United States," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "Once again, we are meeting the market with a technology-centric answer to a major administrative challenge in the music business. Combined with our recently-launched Publisher Dashboard and Claiming System, we have created a solution that works for music services and for music publishers."


Pandora Logo Blue

Opt-in feature allows for open deal terms and independent, trusted rights administration

OAKLAND, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- June 6, 2016-Pandora (NYSE:P), the go-to music source for fans and artists, today announced a partnership with Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, to manage the mechanical licensing and royalty administration for its upcoming interactive streaming service. Transparency around licensing and compensation has been an ongoing challenge for the music industry, and by partnering with Music Reports, Pandora is helping to bring a new level of openness to publishers and music makers.

As Pandora defines its next chapter, the company will substantially broaden its subscription business and roll out an expanded listening experience. To ensure Pandora continues to deliver on its commitment to supporting artists, its partnership with Music Reports will provide open deal terms and 100 percent reporting transparency through its online digital rights marketplace. Music Reports' licensing opt-in platform will give music publishers greater insight into and control over how their catalog of musical works is being enjoyed, and offer consistent rates across the industry.

"As we expand the listening experience on Pandora, it's important that we continue to ensure music makers are not only accurately and fairly compensated, but also have more control and greater transparency around the use of their art," said Tim Westergren, Founder and CEO at Pandora. "That's why Music Reports' opt-in licensing and full reporting infrastructure is so important. I'm thrilled to be working with another partner that puts artists' interests first."

Pandora has made great strides in building a platform that offers more tools and resources for artists to advance their careers and better connect with their fans. Its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) continues to expand with new offerings such as AMPcast, a free platform that allows artists to record and deliver targeted audio messages to their entire Pandora audience right from their mobile phones. Pandora's acquisition of Next Big Sound and Ticketfly will enable music makers to more comprehensively leverage the power of data and more easily sell ticket directly to their fans.

"Pandora and Music Reports share a commitment to comprehensive licensing solutions so that royalties properly flow to publishers and songwriters," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "Music Reports is in a unique position to reach every active publisher in the market, ensuring Pandora can offer them all the opportunity to participate in these new services, on the same terms. This is another huge step forward for music licensing in the United States."

To review and respond to the licensing offer, music publishers can simply log into their Music Reports account online at, where they will be able to access and download a full copy of the agreement, and then directly accept the terms if they choose. Any music publisher can request a Music Reports account, which gives full access to the licensing and royalty reporting details that Music Reports administers for their songs.

About Pandora

Pandora is the world's most powerful music discovery platform - a place where artists find their fans and listeners find music they love. We are driven by a single purpose: unleashing the infinite power of music by connecting artists and fans, whether through earbuds, car speakers, live on stage or anywhere fans want to experience it. Our team of highly trained musicologists analyze hundreds of attributes for each recording which powers our proprietary Music Genome Project®, delivering billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener, full of discovery, making artist/fan connections at unprecedented scale. Founded by musicians, Pandora empowers artists with valuable data and tools to help grow their careers and connect with their fans. | Pandora Blog | Pandora LinkedIn | @PandoraPulse

About Music Reports

Music Reports is a global technology platform for the administration of copyright transactions. Its assets include Songdex®, the world's most authoritative registry of music rights and related business information, and a rapidly customizable SaaS platform for content management and accounting. Music Reports accounts and settles payments for all music rights types in multiple territories and currencies, and builds and hosts solutions for sales data pre-processing, reporting data transformation, content catalog management, and business intelligence analytics.


$4 Billion Music Publishing Industry Empowered to Easily Claim and License Recordings

AUSTIN, TX (March 16, 2016) – Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, announced today at SXSW the release of its new online claiming system. The system allows publishers to claim and license recordings which embody their songs, addressing one of the biggest challenges in the $4 billion music publishing industry by bringing a revolutionary level of transparency to a decades-old problem.

Every month, a massive number of new recordings – between 500,000 and 750,000 – are released to the streaming services. Each one needs to be matched to an underlying song, licensed, and accounted as fast as possible.

Music Reports' new claiming system solves this problem by empowering publishers to ensure that all of their existing publishing data is up to date, register new works as they are published, and look for recordings that have been commercially released to identify and claim any recordings that may embody their songs. The launch of this new system comes on the heels of Music Reports recent introduction of its Publisher Dashboard last month. The dashboard opened the industry-leading Songdex® database to the public to accommodate the 1,750 new publishing administrators who enter the space every quarter.

“Music Reports' new claiming system is an absolute game changer for the music industry because it solves the ‘unmatched recordings’ problem–a problem that is increasing exponentially,” said Bill Colitre, Vice President & General Counsel of Music Reports. “The claiming system offers the publishing community the opportunity to bring its expertise to bear on the area it knows best: its own catalog. By providing publishers unprecedented access to match recordings and source music publishing information in this way, Music Reports is flipping a historical problem on its head and helping to ensure that every song is licensed, and every royalty is paid.”

A publisher uses the system by first logging into her existing web account at Music Reports or creating a free account at She can then search for recordings that may embody her songs and check that each one is properly tied to the correct song in her catalog, which ties will then be validated by Music Reports' Research Department of 40 musicologists. Recordings matched to songs without conflicts can then be efficiently licensed and green-listed for Music Reports' vast array of clients in various media. The publisher can then manage her licenses through her web account, and rely on Music Reports' proven record of excellent SSAE-16-audited royalty payment practices.

To access the new claiming system, publishers can visit


Dashboard Solution Delivers Visual Transparency to Publishers' Royalty Tracking Challenges

LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2016) Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, announced today the launch of its next generation rights administration dashboard for music publishers, which will simplify the prompt and efficient distribution of music royalty payments in digital media.

The new publisher dashboard will provide music publishers with greater transparency into royalties owed to their songwriters and composers. In an increasingly fragmented and complex industry, this new dashboard sets a new standard for bringing clarity to the confusing mass of data produced by streaming services.

The hundreds of thousands of active music publishers worldwide are a vital part of the music industry. Their role requires them to license compositions, monitor where compositions are used, collect royalties, and distribute those royalties to their songwriters and composers. Those challenges have been multiplied as streaming has compounded the amount of data they must handle.

"Music Reports is tackling a major problem in the industry with our new publisher dashboard," said Bill Colitre, Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Music Reports. Accounting statements for streaming services contain so much information that it can be overwhelming for publishers. Our solution makes all that data suddenly more meaningful and easier to manage."

The dashboard also serves as a business intelligence tool. Publishers can now view where and how their songs are performing in the same web account where they already access detailed statements to ensure that they are correctly paid their royalties. As always, publishers can also use their accounts to check song titles, verify or update song share information, and manage their payment preferences.

"For the first time, publishers can also now create new accounts and register their works directly online, which will speed their path to market and help their songwriters and composers receive royalties more quickly," added Colitre. "Traditional royalty systems have been slow and inaccurate. Our system empowers publishers to add and manage their own works and start receiving royalty streams in a shorter period of time."

The dashboard also has a messaging feature, enabling digital distributors to offer publishers new licensing opportunities and manage their relationships with the creative community directly.

To access the new dashboard, publishers need only to log in at